Best 27 Inch Monitor Introduction

Introduction to the best 27 inch monitor website with founder Jonathan Hamilton


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What is this site about?


I want to give people a simple guide to choosing the best 27 inch monitor for their application, cutting through all of the jargon. I aim to provide a series of refreshingly clear recommendations and easy to understand guides.

Why Best 27 Inch Monitor?


27 Inches is now the industry standard for monitor size. Largely driven by Apple, the 27 inch size has been adopted by all major manufacturers for their flagship product ranges. Making the right choice can be challenging which is where this site aims to help.



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Who's behind it all?



Jonathan Hamilton

Jonathan lives just south of London in the UK with his beautiful wife and three fantastic children. He works full time for a local engineering & manufacturing company. In his spare time, Jonathan helps his wife run her online jewelry business on Ebay and Etsy. Continue reading...