Why No Adverts?

This website was set up after I spent weeks researching the best 27 inch monitor for my application. I didn’t start out looking for a 27 inch monitor, I just wanted an excellent monitor for photo editing that could dispay a wide gamut of colors and didn’t break the bank. I didn’t have a clue what IPS or TFT was and I was pretty much a newbie to Adobe Photoshop as well.


Having spent the better part of two weeks searching the internet, I finally had enough information to make an educated decision. But I couldn’t help wishing there was a website out there which could guide similar users through the maze of jargon and overwhelm of information.

Advert Frustration

Probably the biggest frustration I had when researching for my monitor choice was that all of the websites out there are absolutely saturated with adverts. It is so distracting to the User Experience to be constantly bombarded with adverts and popups. They really detract from the usability of the website and ultimately in my opinion do nothing to help the end user. To fix this, I created this website with the express intention of NO POPUPS and NO ADVERTS.


It does cost a fair bit of money to get a site like this created and optimized on Google so I do need to monetize it, I just choose not to use adverts as the means of doing this. All of the reviews are of quality monitors and all the articles have links where you can go to Amazon to buy the product which you are reading about.

Amazon Links

Where possible, I would be very grateful if you could help to support this site by clicking on the Amazon links. I do get a small commission each time you do this as long as you end up buying something from Amazon. Even if you end up buying face cream instead of the monitor, I will still benefit in a small way. Please select “yes” when Amazon asks if you really want to add the product to your shopping cart – you can always remove it later.


It’s my hope that this site starts a mini revolution on the internet. The ad-heavy sites should be banished forever in favour of useful and well structured sites like this.

Any thoughts – leave me a comment, I read them all!

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