Asus ROG Swift PG278Q – The Ultimate 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Don’t let the title fool you, the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q may be a gaming monitor but it can do so much more. It stands to reason that if a 27-inch monitor is great for gaming it should be able to do a lot more when it comes to graphics and performance features.

Designed with gaming in mind this is not a “throw-away” monitor, this one’s a beast. If you were to bust open the panel on the back you’d find some additional hardware in there that powers this thing up like something out of Mad Max.

Why am I still babbling? Let’s get into it!


  • A 27-inch viewable screen. The 2560 x 1440 resolution is about as good as it gets in today’s monitor world.
  • The PG278Q weighs 23 pounds which is about average when it comes to 27 inch monitors.
  • While the whole monitor is 2.5 inch thick (which is pretty thin) when you include the full cabinet that houses the guts in the back, the bezel (basically the screen) itself is only .25-inch deep.
  • Response time is where it’s at. This one has a response time when measured in gray to gray time of 1 ms (milliseconds). That’s pretty impressive. That’s the first sign that the PG278Q is a true gamer’s monitor.
  • The PG278Q has 144Hz refresh rate. I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell does that mean?!”A game will spit out a certain amount of graphic displays each second which when coming at you really fast looks like real-time movement and action. Similar to how a movie shows you 24 picture frames a second which looks like movement. The refresh rate is how many “frames”are being displayed or “refreshed”each second. In this case it is 144 a second. That’s a pretty solid refresh rate. This is due to G-Sync technology. More on that later.
  • 3D technology integration. This monitor will work with 3D Vision kits 1 and 2 from Nvidia.
  • Tilt. swivel, pivot and height-adjustment. The mighty four that allows this monitor to be truly versatile when setting up the perfect monitor arrangement. Especially when you’re gaming.

G-Sync Technology

What is this mysterious G-Sync technology? Is it dangerous? First off, that’s a weird question to ask me. Second, no it’s not dangerous.

G-Sync was developed by Nvidia in order to solve the gaming problem of tearing and stuttering. This was a particular problem with graphics-heavy games when the monitor would go out of sync with the GPU (graphics processor unit). To break it down simply, G-Sync takes the burden off the monitor in talking to the GPU and handling refresh rates. What this results in is the monitor being able to have a real-time variable refresh rate creating a smoother experience with way less lag.

It may sound technical but trust me this is an awesome feature.

The PG278Q is equipped with this tech and so is a superior gaming monitor.

What can you use the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q for?

Gaming is obviously its main function but no monitors are built solely for one activity. They are first and foremost COMPUTER monitors.

So here are some things this one works well with:

  • Gaming
  • General office use
  • Medical office use
  • Coding
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • Really any high-end graphics applications

The PG278Q has an amazing refresh rate and high resolution screen which expands its functionality across most tasks. If it can handle the huge workload of a high-graphics, real-time game then it’s sure to work well with almost anything else.

What’s the connection situation in the back of the PG278Q?

Ok, great it’s got a fantastic screen and an amazing G-Sync tech integration but how’s it do in regards to connecting to external devices?

It includes:

  • 2 USB 3.0 Ports – downstream (for flashdrives, printers, etc.)
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port – upstream (for connection straight to another computer or a USB hub)
  • 1 DisplayPort

So no HDMI Port. Surprising that this is all it has going on with regard to connectivity. Especially seeing as though it’s a gaming monitor.



  • A kick-ass refresh rate with G-Sync tech built right into it.
  • High-resolution will churn out vivid imagery.
  • The price will not break the bank.


  • No built-in speakers. Not the end of the world but just seems odd. I guess most hard-core gamers will have their own external speakers anyways.
  • No HDMI ports and limited USB ports.


You’d expect a machine like this to run north of $1000 but surprisingly it doesn’t. You can pick one up for $738.17 on Amazon. There are even used ones going for as low as $553.35.

Is this the PC monitor for me?

Answer these questions:

  • Do you want a monitor that can handle high-graphics applications?
  • Do you want to dominate in the gaming world, especially first-person shooters?
  • Are you willing to spend somewhere around $600 for a monitor?

If the answer was “yes”to any of those questions then the PG278Q is your baby.


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