Best 27 Inch Monitor Selection Guide

Best 27 Inch Monitor Selection Guide

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27-inch monitors are the go-to size for use in most home, office and medical facilities. The reason for this is it’s the perfect size between a “small” PC monitor and what some consider a “monstrously huge” PC monitor.

Here’s the problem, there are so many 27-inch monitors out there with a million different specs and cool features that you probably are drowning in mentions of “RGB”, “IPS”, and “Refresh Rate.” So, you’ve decided to get a monitor, you’ve searched online and are now facing the $45 trillion question, “Where the heck do I start?!”

Well before you tear out your hair strand by strand in a fit of wild hysteria, know that we’ve compiled this simple guide to walk you through what you should be looking for when searching out the perfect 27-inch monitor for yourself. We’ll mention some technical terms but instead of just gliding over them like you have any idea what we’re talking about we’ll define the terms, simply, so you can decide for yourself if that’s something you care about.

While we won’t be telling you what specific brand of monitor to get like, “Acer” or “iMac” or “Dell”, we will be explaining and telling you exactly what to look for when researching a monitor. Models and brands change every few months so to avoid this guide going stale we are going to give you the basic unchanging information to guide you to your dream monitor.

So step away from the ledge, put the scissors down (if you’ve graduated from tearing to cutting your hair) and read on.

Resolution Explained

best 27 inch monitor Resolution

Resolution. This is a term you hear and read a lot when looking up monitors or really digital screens of any size including TVs.

Resolution is simply defined as the number of individual pixels on the screen.

Pixels are the building block of the images on your screen. When you look at a screen what you’re actually looking at is thousands or even millions of tiny colored pixels. When they’re grouped together with varying colors they create an image. Each minuscule pixel changes color to create different images.

The resolution of your screen display tells you how many pixels are able to be displayed on your screen both vertically and horizontally. The pixels are arranged in a grid system, meaning up and down.

Display resolutions are usually displayed like this, “1600 x 1200.” This means it can display 1600 horizontal pixels and 1200 vertical pixels at one time.

Ok, so now you know what “resolution” and “pixel” mean but how does this help you? Well, the higher the numbers the clearer or crisper the image is.

If you’ve ever looked at an HD display and thought, “That picture is crazy crisp!” or even a more conservative, “That picture is quite nice, if I do say so myself.” it’s because HD has a higher resolution (more pixels).

You’ll see things like, “1080p” or “720p.” Those are both HD. They just mean, “1920 x 1080” and “1280 x 720” respectively. The “p” just means pixels.

But screen resolutions can go a lot higher than that becoming Ultra HD at ranges like “2160p” and “4320p.” 27-inch monitors are the smallest monitors that can support the higher resolutions above 1080p.

When looking for your best 27 inch monitor consider what kind of resolution would work for you. What kind of things will you be using your computer for? If you’re using it for graphics-heavy applications like video editing, photo editing or graphic design then you’ll want to go with a high resolution. Whereas if you’re using your monitor for simple document editing or coding then it’s unnecessary to spend the extra money on a higher resolution.

Gaming is pretty decent with no more than 720p. In fact some gamers report anything higher is almost distracting. Gamers, always the fickle bunch.

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What in the wide world of computers is RGB?

best 27 inch monitor RGB Investigted

RGB stand for “red, green and blue.” All monitors these days use an RGB system to produce colors in your display. RGB can be used in various ways to produce every color in the spectrum.

Our eyes and brains are particularly sensitive to these three colors and when combined in various ways our brains are “tricked” into seeing different colors.

Some displays will use a composite RGB signal which does not create distinct vivid colors as monitors that separate out the three colors into their own signals. Basically the best color comes from red, green and blue being their own signals within the monitor.

You may come across terms like, “sRGB” or “Adobe RGB.”

sRGB is short for, “standard RGB.”

Adobe RGB is short for…well, Adobe RGB. It was simply created by Adobe Systems, Inc. hence the name.

Let’s clear up one other term first, “color space.” Color space is just a range of colors that can be represented and detected in a given image. There can be millions of colors in any image. Different color spaces can define the colors more or less depending on the color space.

Adobe RGB has a more defined color space which allows the image colors to be more vibrant. sRGB is less defined so the colors will be a little more subdued or subtle.

When looking for a monitor consider again what you’ll be using it for. If you want more defined color for your images, especially if working with photos or videos, then you should strongly consider Adobe RGB.

If you are using it as a general purpose monitor and not for graphics-heavy software applications then the RGB aspect doesn’t really matter.

LED or LCD – does it even matter?

best 27 inch monitor LCD-vs.-LED

LCD is simply short for “Liquid Crystal Display.”

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode.” Jeez, no wonder they abbreviated it!

The way LCD works is simple: liquid crystals are used sort of like a shutter between the backlight and the screen. Based off the amount of charge given to them by the monitor the crystals will let in or shut out the backlight.

Ok, let’s keep this simple, both LCD and LED are actually LCDs. The only difference is the type of backlight that is used.

LED uses a more energy-efficient bulb. LED monitors are thinner and more light-weight while as I said it’s more energy efficient consuming about 37% less power than an LCD monitor.

So, which one should you get? LED of course. It’s newer, less cumbersome and does display at least a slightly better picture than the LCD.

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In-plane switching (IPS) – Not as complicated as you might think

Best 27 Inch Monitor In-Plane-Switching
Whoa, whoa, whoa, where’re you going? Don’t run away just yet. Yeah the title of this section is as boring as Ben Stein’s Voodoo Economics speech in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but trust me, it’s fairly simple. We’ve come this far together, don’t quit on me now!

IPS is simply the LCD technology that allows you to view the display screen from multiple angles. Remember when you could only view a computer monitor or TV from head on? Yeah, well IPS solved that problem. Now you can stand to the side of the monitor and actually read or view the screen.

There are a lot of technical reasons behind how this works like crystals being aligned horizontally instead of vertically as well as electrical fields being applied to the spots in between crystal molecules and – well it’s super friggin’ boring so I’ll stop before I put myself to sleep.

IPS also contributes to much richer color reproduction.

It’s important when picking the best 27 inch monitor for photo/video editing, gaming or any other high-graphic activity that you make sure there’s some mention of it being an IPS monitor. If it’s not an IPS monitor, keep it moving until you find one that is. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

If you just want a general purpose monitor or want it for coding or for use in a medical office then skip over IPS monitors and save yourself some money.

Refresh Rate – The importance of

best 27 inch monitor Refresh-Rate

Refresh rate, refresh rate, refresh rate. No, this has nothing to do with hydration. This is a simple but key concept to grasp when it comes to monitors.

The refresh rate is how many times each second the frame or image is refreshed or updated. Basically how many times it redraws the image on the screen in that second. With a low or crappy refresh rate you’ll notice distortion of images, especially while gaming.

This can be seriously annoying while gaming. A high refresh rate is somewhat important for viewing videos but where it becomes very noticeable is during a gaming session.

Refresh rates are displayed in this manner “60Hz” (Hz = hertz) which means your monitor refreshed that image 60 times in that second.

This is different from FPS which is frames per second. This refers to the data being sent from your computer to the monitor and is dependent on the computer’s output where as refresh rate is the monitor’s ability.

If you intend to use your 27-inch monitor for gaming then make sure you have a high refresh rate. The monitor should have absolutely no less than 60Hz but for a superior experience go for 120Hz. Anything higher is just a bit of gravy at that point. You’ll probably be totally satisfied with 120Hz and shouldn’t need to spend more money on a higher refresh rate monitor.

For anything other than gaming like photo editing, video editing, watching movies, etc don’t worry too much about the refresh rate. 60Hz should do just fine.

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Contrast and Brightness are necessary to understand – no really!

Best 27 Inch Monitor Contrast

Contrast ratio is a phrase thrown around a lot when websites and retailers are promoting monitors. But like most of the features they aren’t explained.

Contrast ratio refers to the spectrum of colors from the brightest to the darkest that the monitor can produce. The higher the ratio, the larger the range of colors. In other words you’ll get whiter whites and blacker blacks.

They are shown in ratios like “150:1.” A good contrast ratio for an LED monitor would be something like 1000:1. Some might disagree and say you don’t need to get anything over 600:1 because there is little noticeable difference. It’s a matter of opinion I guess but I see the difference. I like my contrast to be on point.

Now brightness for some reason uses letters and numbers (cd/m2) to indicate the brightness level. It might as well be written in arabic because it’s never explained, just random numbers and symbols.

The cd/m2 is just technical mumbo-jumbo but basically just represents how much light is being produced in the monitor. The average brightness range in a monitor display is 250 cd/m2 to 350 cd/m2.

But if you’re gaming or watching movies or even editing videos and pictures you’re going to want something a bit brighter. Try something more in the 500 cd/m2 area.

Ports – Yeah those holes in the back of your monitor are important

Best 27 Inch Monitor Ports

You’ll see plenty of mention of different connectivity ports like “DVI”, “HDMI” and “USB”. Don’t let these terms throw you off or send you running for the hills. Unless you see abbreviations like “KKK” then you might want to reconsider the retailer you’re using.

DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort cables and ports are all digital and do a lot of the same things. They transfer data between the monitor and whatever they’re connected to such as a TV or external hard drive or most obviously your computer.

HDMI and DisplayPort transfer video, audio and images. They are pretty much the gold standard for this and are what you should look for.

DVI is used as a vessel for video signals but generally doesn’t carry audio signals.

You’ll still see VGA cables and ports with some monitors. Lord knows why. They are old school analog cables that transfer video signals. If you get a monitor with VGA then you’ll probably use it only as a back-up, last resort kind of scenario when the HDMI or DVI isn’t working or you’ve lost the cable or something.

While HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI won’t mess with your image quality VGA likely will as it’s an analog signal not digital.

USB – well, hopefully you know what USB is by this point. It’s pretty much the universal data transfer method in present day replacing old-school floppy disks. The “u” in USB stands for “universal” because pretty much everyone in the universe uses it. You may have heard it also referred to as a flash drive or thumb drive.

When choosing your best 27 inch monitor for general purpose use ensure it minimally has HDMI and USB connectivity.

But if you’re looking to purchase a monitor for video editing purposes ensure it has HDMI, DVI and VGA. Although VGA is less and less compatible with various equipment these days you’ll probably find yourself needing it as some point, so better safe than sorry. If you’re looking to save money though and are cutting back on connectivity then minimally make sure the monitor has HDMI.

Best 27 Inch Monitor Conclusion

We made it!! I never thought we would. I’d like to thank the Academy…

Ok, ok, to sum up you’re going to want a 27-inch IPS LED monitor with at least 720p resolution and Adobe RGB.

Get no less than a 60Hz refresh rate but preferably 120Hz if you can afford to go up that high with your budget.

Contrast ratio should be no less than 600:1 and brightness should be around 500 cd/m2.

Ensure it has at least USB and HDMI connectivity.

That’s about it. Anything else is fluff but these factors should guide you in the right direction towards purchasing your best 27 inch monitor.

Wishing you all the luck. Happy purchasing!

Is there an aspect of selecting the Best 27 Inch Monitor for your application that you need help with? Leave a comment below, I read every one & promise to respond where possible.

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The Top 7 Accessories for Your 27 Inch Monitor (Hint: Not what you might expect!)

27 inch Monitors used in the film The Matrix.

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Ultimate Cable tidy: D-Line Cable Tidy Band 1.2m

Double-sided Velcro cable tidy reel.

D-Line Cable Tidy

So simple, so effective. A reel of Velcro that can be cut to length and used to secure all of your messy wires into a super-streamlined setup. Of course with it being velcro, you can readjust it at any time, so no more cutting off cable ties and re-fixing. If Velcro just isn’t your thing, they do a super sleek cable trunking system too.

Awesome speakers

Monsoon Speakers
Monsoon Speakers

Logitech Z600 Speakers
Logitech Z600 Speakers

Monsoon Planar speakers are pretty much the ultimate PC speaker accessory. Sadly they’re now only available second hand – eBay is your friend. Almost as awesome though are the Logitech Z600 Bluetooth speakers. They are sleek, powerful and priced under $180.

3M Screen privacy filter

3M privacy filter 27" Screen
3M 27″ Screen privacy filter

Avoid unwanted eyes prying on your work – these are great for your 27 inch monitor and you can get sizes to fit laptops as well.

Screen Wipes

iCloth Screen Wipes

I once trashed a monitor by cleaning it with regular household product. Do yourself a favour and clean your shiny new monitor with the right gear. Use the iCloth to clean your screen or alternatively use a dry or damp microfiber cloth to get it sparkling clear.

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Multi-Screen Mount: Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand

hex screen setup
If you want a multi-screen setup that rivals The Matrix, there are some great hex screen mounts on Amazon which allow up to six 27 inch monitors to be mounted on your desk. Massively strong and subtlety styled, the Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand is a great choice for multi-monitor setups of up to six screens.

Adjustable height desk

electric height adjustable desk
Electric height adjustable desk.

A good ergonomic setup is key for extended monitor use. Many are now switching to stand-up desks. If you want the best of both worlds, get yourself an electric height adjustable desk which remembers your favourite positions.

Desk Light

Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Lamp
Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Lamp

This light is just what you need… to illuminate the area behind your monitor. By lighting up the wall / desk behind your monitor, the contrast will immediately be heightened and you will get a much improved experience. This lamp is one of the largest that Amazon sell and illuminates my behind my monitor as I type this.

Bonus 27 Inch Monitor Accessory

Screen Calibrator

Ok, so I promised you 7 accessories but in the process of writing this, the topic of best monitor calibrators came up and I just had to include the X-Rite-EODIS3-i1Display-Pro.

Best Monitor Calibrator X-Rite-EODIS3-i1Display-Pro

There are a variety of screen calibrators available on the market. Many are entry level or over complicated top end models. The X-Rite-EODIS3-i1 Display-Pro is a great choice because it includes ambient light compensation, is relatively easy to use and is definitely professional level. If you’re serious enough to need a screen calibrator, then I definitely recommend investing in decent kit and the EODIS3-i1 is certainly that!

Have an experience you would like to share? Leave me a comment below and I promise to consider it for an update / future post.

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Should You Buy The NEC PA272W?

NEC Multisync PA272W

As the title suggests, this article is about the 27 inch PC monitor, the NEC PA272W. So, should you buy the NEC PA272W? The answer is – sorry I’m not one to spoil endings. We’re going to go over this monitor and see if it holds up across the boards. Can it perform at a high level when it comes to gaming, photo and video editing, every day use, etc?

You may have heard different things about it like that it’s great for graphics-based applications but it’s filthy-expensive and something about something called “SpectraViewII,” but what is that?

Well, let’s get into it.

NEC PA272W Specs

  • The viewable screen size is 27 inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. That’s pretty much the best you’re going to get when it comes to a monitor these days.
  • The NEC PA272W weighs a cool 28.4 pounds. That’s not light. In fact when you take a look at one of these things it’s got quite a thick body compared to other 27 inchers. The panel itself is 3.5 inches thick. You’re not getting that sleek, slim look you might be used to with an iMac or Dell UltraSharp U2715H.
  • The NEC PA272W screen display is backlit by LED. This consumes 37% less power than earlier LCD screens including the NEC monitor just before this one.
  • SpectraViewII, which I mentioned earlier, is a very important feature. This is specifically an NEC tech that utilizes a color measurement sensor and calibration software. In a nutshell it creates color-rich graphics that calibrate to whatever you’re viewing at any given moment.
  • It has the typical convenient tilt, swivel and pivot ability with a height-adjustable stand.

What is the NEC PA272W good for?

What is it good for – absolutely nothing! Ok, that’s not true but I couldn’t help quoting that song. This monitor was practically designed with the photo and video editor in mind, not to mention the gamer.

With its kick-ass screen performance covering 99.3% of the Adobe RGB color space everything seems to pop. Any monitor that performs well in the graphics department will be sure to work well for general office use for simple black on white word documents as you’re looking at sharper imaging for text.

One important factor that you’re also going to want to think with, is whether or not it’s easy on the eyes. If you’re writing code or sitting in front of word docs or excel spreadsheets or working with highly detailed graphic applications, the last thing you’re going to want is to step away at the end of the day with bloodshot eyes looking like you’ve got a major case of pink eye. Luckily this display allows you to customize the brightness and RGB to find the exact right fit for your eyeballs.
Look for the NEC PA272W to be a perfect fit for:

  • Gaming
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • General office use
  • Medical office use
  • Coding

What kind of connectivity are we looking at here?

Unlike the earlier NEC PA272W this newest model has better connectivity issues. And just to answer a question I’m sure a lot of you are burning to know – yes it is Mac compatible. This is what it looks like:

  • 1 DisplayPort
  • 1 Mini DisplayPort
  • 1 HDMI-DVI-D Dual Link
  • 3 USB ports – Downstream (for flashdrives, printers, etc.)
  • 2 USB ports – Upstream (for connection straight to another computer or a USB hub)

NEC PA272W Pros/Cons


  • Amazing graphic display
  • Amazing graphic display
  • Amazing graphic display
  • Oh and did I mention graphic display.

That is really what sets this guy apart from the competition. The NEC PA272W was made for this purpose. It was not made to show off other bells and whistles or even to be the prettiest one out there. It was made for robust graphics work and it does its job.


  • Bulkier than a lot of other monitors out there. It’s heavier and wider.
  • The price is a little bit higher as well. But if you watch it closely on Amazon the price tends to drop several hundred dollars for a day or two so I suggest you keep your eye on it.


As of this writing it goes for $1299 on and $1,295.19 on Amazon. But as I said earlier, watch Amazon because sometimes the prices drop for a short period. I’ve seen it drop to just over $1000.

What you’re looking at here is a monitor specifically designed to run the full color gamut and extract the most from it. If you’re willing to deal with a bulky, high-priced monitor that delivers what it promises in terms of quality then this is definitely the monitor for you.

If price is a concern then keep moving, nothing to see here.

What To Expect With A 27 Inch iMac

27 Inch iMac retina

Ok, so you’ve finally given in and you’re going to treat yourself to a new, sleek, sexy iMac. Apple has finally roped you in with their “hip”marketing schemes on this beautiful monitor/computer combo. But you don’t want to be reckless, you want to do a little research first, don’t you?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to lay out the specs as well as the pros/cons of a iMac.

Retina 5K Display

Introduced by Apple in October 2014, the newest version of the 27 inch iMac features a Retina 5K display, Apple’s supreme high resolution screen. What this basically means is the screen is a whole heck of a lot clearer and crisper than previous screens. In fact its visual excellence is the only major difference between this current model and earlier versions of the iMac.

Compared to earlier Mac screens the pixelation on this screen is barely noticeable if at all. This is what the 5K Display offers. From the desktop to videos you won’t get enough of this vibrant, bright screen.

Yet despite the inclusion of this revolutionary screen tech it’s still only 5mm thin at the edge. To give you a comparison that’s 2 mm THINNER than an iPhone 6. Slick stuff here, huh?

But if you’ve never owned a Mac before you’re probably wondering what the specs are outside of the 5K Display.

27 Inch iMac Standard Specs

The specs, as I said, are the same as previous years so if you’re looking at buying an earlier, used iMac model, specifically the 2013, then these specs minus the 5K Display will be the same.

It’s got 8GB of memory but can be configured up to 16GB or 32 GB. That’s memory now, not storage space. It’s important to know the difference. Computer memory is storage for everything that needs to be accessed quickly by the computer like the programs and stuff you’re currently looking at or working on.

The storage space is 1 Terabyte but can be configured up to 3 Terabytes.

With a high-quality graphics processor and 2GB of dedicated graphics memory combined with the Retina 5K Display this guy is great for graphic design, photo editing, video editing, etc.

From corner to corner the screen is 27 inches and coming in at just 21 pounds it’s pretty lightweight especially considering that the computer and monitor are all in one.


Gaming is another thing altogether. Macs have never been highly regarded as great gaming machines. Not to mention the fact that you’ll still find a larger selection of games for PC than you will Mac. But this view is steadily changing and Mac is starting to come into its own with regard to gaming. With better graphic cards and more and more games being supported on the 27 inch iMac you’ll have a decent experience gaming.

But if you’re specifically looking to buy a computer for gaming purposes there are better (and cheaper) options out there than an 27 inch iMac. When it comes to price, graphics and availability of games Mac is not leading the race.

Accessories, Ports, etc

Here’s the kind of configuration you’re looking at in the back of this bad boy:

  • Headphone Jack – This is a little complicated. To explain the headphone jack in layman’s terms it’s – who am I kidding? You know what a headphone jack does.
  • SDXC Card Slot – A fancy looking series of letters that basically means a slot that can read memory cards from digital cameras.
  • USB Ports – 4 to be exact. Ports for USB, obviously.
  • 2 Thunderbolt Ports – Sounds like something you plug into in order to tap into your superpowers. Unfortunately no, it’s just a lightning fast connector port that allows you to connect your iMac to other external devices and monitors and transfer large amounts of data with record speed.
  • Ethernet Connector – You know, so you can connect with a hardline to the internet instead of using WiFi.



Pros – Robust graphics displayed in an uncanny Retina 5K Display, high durability performance and speed, aesthetic. The 27 inch iMac is great for office or home use.

Cons – Not your first choice for gaming and incredibly pricey compared to others. It is Mac after all, they’re not known for keeping things cheap.

So What Are We Looking At Price-wise?

You can buy a 27 inch iMac for as cheap as $1799 without the retina display or as cheap as $1999 with the retina display. These are base prices and don’t include extra options to soup up your new toy. Of course you can always go for a refurbished iMac sold through Apple if you want to save a few bucks.

So there you have it, the rundown on the 27 inch iMac. Apple continues to up their game and don’t show any signs of slowing. Let us know what you think and your experience with the 27 inch iMac.

HP DreamColor Z27x – A 27 Inch Monitor Made For Graphics



If graphics are important for you when choosing a 27 inch monitor you might want to consider looking at the HP DreamColor Z27x. Specifically designed with color-critical projects in mind, this monitor can hang with the big boys.

Whether, you’re a graphics designer, a video or photo editor or just someone who works in black on white this monitor should pique your interest.

Follow me now as we dive into it.


  • A 27-inch viewable screen makes this a perfect size for graphics nuts. The 2560 x 1440 resolution is up there with the great resolution displays of today.
  • It weighs only 19.4 poundswhich is fairly light compared to other 27 inch monitors.
  • The DreamColor Z27x from back to back is 2.5 inch thick (which is pretty thin) while the bezel (basically the screen) is only .8-inch deep.
  • The screen is lit by LED backlights-Anti-glare protection on the screen which will make it so you don’t go nuts trying to make out the display during daylight.
  • The screen is backed by IPS technology. I don’t want to get into anything too technical here but IPS or In-Plane Switching is a tech that allows you to experience a wider viewing angle.
  • Tilt. swivel, pivot and height-adjustment. So basically set it up in any position you want. If you work better while doing a handstand on a chair this monitor will accommodate you.

What are the best ways to use the HP DreamColor Z27x?

The HP DreamColor title is a good sign of what this monitor is good for. Any applications that deserve or requite color-rich content display or vivid imagery would benefit from this monitor.

Here are some of the things this monitor would work great for:

  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • High-end graphics applications
  • Gaming
  • General office use
  • Medical office use
  • Coding

Again if you are looking to do anything that requires vibrant colors that just pop out then this is your guy. Again it’s all in the name, “DreamColor“.

Not to mention HP makes it and if they can’t make color pop then they have a serious problem.

What kind of connectivity ports does it have in the back?


This one surprised me as some equally awesome monitors don’t even have the type of connectivity compatibility that the Z27x has.

The ports in the back of the The DreamColor Z27x include:

  • 2 DisplayPorts
  • 3 USB 3.0 Ports – downstream (for flashdrives, printers, etc.)
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port – upstream (for connection straight to another computer or a USB hub)
  • 2 USB DreamColor ports
  • 1 HDMI Port
  • 1 analog and digital audio output

Enough ports for you? You’ll have no issue connecting this one up to just about anything. This should be the standard for connectivity in monitors as it covers pretty much all bases.



  • The DreamColor Z27x has vivid color imagery that allows you to work with color-critical projects.
  • Not only vibrant colors but a fantastic grayscale with dark blacks
  • Custom color profiles makes this a got-to-have for any graphic designer.
  • Connectivity is jacked way up on this particular monitor. It’s like a normal port hub got juiced up on steroids and this was the result.


  • Price is a little high but has come down recently, definitely making it more affordable.
  • No built-in speakers. This really isn’t the end of the world as a lot of professionals like to use headphones or external speakers.

What’s this thing going to cost ya?

As I said the DreamColor Z27x has come down in price recently. It was running around $1500 but now you can pick one up at for $1,185.99. But you want cheaper I can tell, so go check out Amazon where you can currently pick one up for $1,175.32 with free shipping. Ok, ok, it’s only a little over $10 cheaper but cheaper is cheaper, right?


If you’re looking to spend some real bucks on a 27 inch monitor that can handle robust graphics applications then this is one you should definitely consider. I’m not going to tell you that the DreamColor Z27x is the best 27 inch monitor out there but I’ll tell you it gets the job done and it does it well.

Best 27 Inch Monitor