The Top 7 Accessories for Your 27 Inch Monitor (Hint: Not what you might expect!)

27 inch Monitors used in the film The Matrix.

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Ultimate Cable tidy: D-Line Cable Tidy Band 1.2m

Double-sided Velcro cable tidy reel.

D-Line Cable Tidy

So simple, so effective. A reel of Velcro that can be cut to length and used to secure all of your messy wires into a super-streamlined setup. Of course with it being velcro, you can readjust it at any time, so no more cutting off cable ties and re-fixing. If Velcro just isn’t your thing, they do a super sleek cable trunking system too.

Awesome speakers

Monsoon Speakers
Monsoon Speakers

Logitech Z600 Speakers
Logitech Z600 Speakers

Monsoon Planar speakers are pretty much the ultimate PC speaker accessory. Sadly they’re now only available second hand – eBay is your friend. Almost as awesome though are the Logitech Z600 Bluetooth speakers. They are sleek, powerful and priced under $180.

3M Screen privacy filter

3M privacy filter 27" Screen
3M 27″ Screen privacy filter

Avoid unwanted eyes prying on your work – these are great for your 27 inch monitor and you can get sizes to fit laptops as well.

Screen Wipes

iCloth Screen Wipes

I once trashed a monitor by cleaning it with regular household product. Do yourself a favour and clean your shiny new monitor with the right gear. Use the iCloth to clean your screen or alternatively use a dry or damp microfiber cloth to get it sparkling clear.

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Multi-Screen Mount: Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand

hex screen setup
If you want a multi-screen setup that rivals The Matrix, there are some great hex screen mounts on Amazon which allow up to six 27 inch monitors to be mounted on your desk. Massively strong and subtlety styled, the Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand is a great choice for multi-monitor setups of up to six screens.

Adjustable height desk

electric height adjustable desk
Electric height adjustable desk.

A good ergonomic setup is key for extended monitor use. Many are now switching to stand-up desks. If you want the best of both worlds, get yourself an electric height adjustable desk which remembers your favourite positions.

Desk Light

Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Lamp
Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Lamp

This light is just what you need… to illuminate the area behind your monitor. By lighting up the wall / desk behind your monitor, the contrast will immediately be heightened and you will get a much improved experience. This lamp is one of the largest that Amazon sell and illuminates my behind my monitor as I type this.

Bonus 27 Inch Monitor Accessory

Screen Calibrator

Ok, so I promised you 7 accessories but in the process of writing this, the topic of best monitor calibrators came up and I just had to include the X-Rite-EODIS3-i1Display-Pro.

Best Monitor Calibrator X-Rite-EODIS3-i1Display-Pro

There are a variety of screen calibrators available on the market. Many are entry level or over complicated top end models. The X-Rite-EODIS3-i1 Display-Pro is a great choice because it includes ambient light compensation, is relatively easy to use and is definitely professional level. If you’re serious enough to need a screen calibrator, then I definitely recommend investing in decent kit and the EODIS3-i1 is certainly that!

Have an experience you would like to share? Leave me a comment below and I promise to consider it for an update / future post.

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